Heaven on a Fork & Spirits in a Glass

Cy’s Hoof and Horn Supper Club

Cy on a horse
Cy Lampe, owner of Cy’s Hoof and Horn Supper Club

Inspired by my Grandmother,

After the passing of my mother when I was 3 years old, it was left up to my grandmother to take her place. While living on the farm with my Dad, two uncles and my grandmother my life was to be formed. The work ethic of our family is exceptionally high. My grandmother was the first up and last to retire every day of the week and after performing her numerous chores she never missed setting a meal on the table for us. The one great thing I always remembered was the great meals grandma always served!

After working in the factory for 10 years I never was happy. So in 1984, after being laid-off for the second time, I purchased a small town Tavern in Sedgwick, Kansas. Seeing a need for a place to dine in Sedgwick I worked day and night to remodel a small storage room and converted it into a small kitchen. Remembering the food grandma cooked, I elected to always produce food that tasted like hers. From there it went to catering where, out of a very small kitchen, we produced enough food to feed as many as 2700 people in one sitting. In 2000, I decided to move the business into a building that I purchased and after 1 year of building it with my own hands, I moved in August 1st, 2001. With the help of dedicated employee’s, some of which have been with me since shortly after opening. With a great kitchen manager, Kevin Black, we have built “A True Kansas Restaurant” with a full menu known greatly for our chicken fried steak along with our aged and hand cut in house steaks. We pride ourselves by serving “Heaven on a fork and spirits in a glass.”

Cy Lampe


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